Who Makes the Best Window Film Product?

As you can imagine, we do get asked this question a few times a week. So I thought it would be appropriate to make this my first blog.

Who really does make the best stuff? Maybe you've met or have spoken with several dealers that all claim to have the greatest window film product on the planet. Most dealers have one or more favorite brands of window tinting they prefer to market and sell. In the real world no one is going to stock every major brand of film on their shelves anyway, that would take some serious shelf space. Contractual restrictions usually prevent that from happening in the first place, in other words, Brand C doesn't want Dealer A to sell Brand G because that would compete against Brand C and they just can't allow that. Our reaction is simply to stay away from Brand C, what is Brand C afraid of anyway? hmmm...

The quick answer is:

There is no 'One' window tint or brand that can possibly be the Holy Grail. Brand A may work well overall but the real truth is that another manufacture out there could have at least one or more products that may suit you better for your particular circumstance. The product being Solar Film, or Window Tinting and more often these days referred to as Window Film. I really wish we just had one name, I'll save that for another blog. The discouraging reality is all the misguided information laid out there by countless dealer's on their respective brands. Who are these folks and how can you call their bluff? I would love to list them all here and right now for you but I must resist the temptation. In the world we live in today that information can be quickly discovered with just a few clicks or taps, assuming you click on the right links? You'll know you have run into a 'misguided' dealer when they claim such incredible statements such as 97-99% heat rejection films, 99% fade protection etc... and usually these are the same dealers that are piggybacking on a common name brand, ultimately scarring the brands reputation. Following the four suggestions below will most definitely help you sift through the unworthy's out there.

The underlining question should be, who is the right window film company/dealer for me? Keep in mind that not all window film's are created equal, a reputable window film dealer could help you distinguish the real truth to all the misguided marketing jargon designed to confuse you into buying these products. The dealer after all is the qualified entity you will need to hire for the film installation in order to validate that generous warranty that comes with the product. Without the Window Tint dealer there's no promise from the manufacturer, subsequently no warranty. Finding the right dealer should be your #1 priority. Then matching the right film, the 'best' solution for your unique circumstance, will be the easy part. Your dealer is your Window Film Consultant, one that will custom fit the most practical solution to your exact needs, even if it means losing your business and pointing you in the right direction.

How does one organize the thought process it takes in choosing the right product for their glass? If I were to retire today, bump my head tomorrow and forget everything I knew about window film except for the business aspect of it, how would I approach hiring the right company?

#1:Is the company I'm considering to hire legal?

If for instance you found a window film dealer through the internet, are they advertising their contractor's lic number on line? What about their business card or other type of marketing materials? They should, and in most cases they have to show their license number. If they don't then keep looking. Any person or entity that performs a service in your facility over $500 requires a license from the state of California. Check with the california license board to make sure they are fully licensed and insured. I mainly blame the manufactures that sell architectural film's to these shops. These laws are in place to protect consumers, it's a simple rule you should ALWAYS follow for any hired work, why take the chance?

#2: Is the company an exclusive dealer of one particular brand/manufacturer?

Not good. A consumer needs to figure out if they are dealing with a product based company or a service based company. I would most certainly choose the service based organization to do business with. Why? A product based organization deprives me 'the consumer' of choice. I could go on & on about why this setup is bad for the consumer and the industry but this one point should do the trick for now. Shop wisely, listen carefully, ask a lot of questions.

#3: Has the company invested in the manufacturers Warranty Protection Program?

Each manufacture will call it something different. For every square foot of film the dealer purchases from the manufacturer that dealer must pay a set amount more per square foot on every purchase in order to offer this program automatically to their customers. It's costly to the dealer, but it adds yet another level of value and protection. These costs are usually absorbed completely by the dealer. What is a Warranty Protection Program?

These programs cover your glass unconditionally up to the original glass manufacturers warranty specifications. Up to a large sum of cash usually $1,750 to $2,000 per unit depending on manufacturer. There's a good chance you already own dual-pane glass in your home or business, maybe it has a low-e coating applied to it, or your glass is new and it's under a manufacturer's warranty. Unfortunately, when you apply anything to your glass including window tinting this will usually always void the original glass manufacturers warranty. A Dealer that invests in a Warranty Protection Program is indeed a dealer that is looking out for their customers.

#4: Does the company have an actual business address?

You would be surprised how many so called businesses work out of their truck's or van's. Many of us don't even think to check. Are they really in it for the long run or in it for a quick buck?

So now you're down to one or two dealers that:

  1. Are Fully Licensed and Insured (Contactors Lic / Bonded, Liability Insurance, Worker Comp): This simply protects you.
  2. Is a Service Based Dealer: This dealer likely cares enough to find you the right solution, they always carry more then one *'Major Brand'.
  3. Have an Invested Interest in you, buy buying into a Warranty Program. This allows us all to sleep good at night!
  4. Has invested in his own business. Pretty important!

Find the right team and you're more then halfway home.

Need to learn more about the different types of window film? Learn more here.

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