How Solar Window Film Properties Relate to Each Other

For this blog I was hoping to pull off a chart that would help consumers identify the relationship's between the benefits of our premium 'Solar' Window Film products to their respective properties.

Helpful technical facts related to the chart below:

Ultra Violet

  • Consists of U/V A, B& C
  • A causes wrinkles, B causes Skin Cancer, C is most destructive but little reaches earth because it's mostly absorbed by the earths ozone layer.

Reduces Premature Fading, causes are:

  • 40% Ultra Violet Light
  • 25% Heat (Infra-Red is the main source of heat)
  • 25% Visible Light

Reduces Heat and/or Hotspots

  • I/R (infra-red) ranges from 780-2500 nanometers (very important to know these numbers) on the Electromagnetic Solar Spectrum
  • I/R is Responsible for carrying HEAT ENERGY, responsible for nearly 49% of the heat
  • High I/R Rejection Window Film's that takes into consideration the 'full' I/R spectrum as stated above will do a great job in blocking the heat coming through the glass
  • A film that represents the lowest 'Solar Heat Gain Coefficient' will reject the most heat because this value represents the amount of energy coming through the 'ENTIRE' Window Assembly
  • Highly reflective films reject heat most efficiently

Increased Safety/Security

  • The thicker these clear or tinted films are generally the more tougher they are, but 4-7 mil thick is usually more then sufficient for most practical solutions. For example 7 mil is used extensively for blast purposes mainly within the government or commercial sector.


  • usually 4-6 mil, only comes in clear or non-tinted


  • As a rule of thumb, if you want higher results for one or all, the darker or more reflective (mirrored look) you chose or Both together, the higher the value will be between that relationship.

Have you found any value to this chart? If you have any recommendations or requests for this or any upcoming charts or blogs please let us know, don't be shy......... I'm becoming sort of a Window Film Chart Connoisseur if you will.

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