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Clear Solar Window Tinting Residential Rancho Palos Verdes

The Challenge

UV Reduction for Fade Control | Some Glare

This project was a very typical one in many senses but the type of glass we treated wasn't. The issue here was to provide U/V protection to achieve better fade reduction without darkening the existing tinted dual paned glass units and block some excess glare and heat as a secondary option. Our Interior Designer wished to acheive better fade reduction without going over the top on price and making the interior space noticably darker, there were many other upgrades going on at once including new floors so price was a big concern. Although this job barely took any brain power to figure out we can't stress how important it is to chose a California licensed contrctor, rather you are hiring a window film dealer such as us or any company or worker that will be billing you for a service of $500 or more, it's mandetory in CA for the service provider. These laws protect consumers and it's just one less thing to worry about period.

The Solution

For this project on top of Palos Verdes CA, we simply chose an extremely light solar film made by Panorama called Sterling 70. The goal as noted was to add fade reduction to the existing tinted glass of which many glass panels had removable interior panes (held with clips, see pic #4) that needed to be removed prior to the treatment of our window film installation. We made the decision to install the film on surface #2 (the inside of the exterior window pane) for two reasons:

1) It rejects the suns energy most efficiently here as far as interior dual-pane glass installations go, an option we normally don't have with standard dual-paned glass.

2) It keeps the film safe from accidental damage.

The project manager for this project was clear in communicating their intent to keep the interior as bright as possible. The existing glass was already tinted organically so we didn't need to go much darker to get good results for fade reduction. We stress the fact that the visible light has much to do with fade reduction too.

Solar Window Film 70% Over Tinted Dual Pane
Solar Window Film 70% Over Tinted Dual Pane
Clear Solar Window Film Over Tinted Glass
Clear Solar Window Film Over Tinted Glass
Solar Window Film Los Angeles
Solar Window Film Los Angeles
Removable Interior Pane Held With Clips
Removable Interior Pane Held With Clips
811 N Catalina Ave #2300
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
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