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White Frost Film for Day & Nighttime Privacy Manhattan Beach Los Angeles

The Challenge

Other than to quickly and affordably convert clear glass to privet glass, our most requested service these days, our customer wanted to match her existing white frosted glass that came with her new home.

The Solution

It turned out that our in stock standard white frost decorative window film was the solution! Actually this is extremely common for us because there are two main features most of us want that our frosted films inherently have.

1) High visible light transmission, meaning we want lots of natural daylight to enter the home

2) Day and Nighttime Privacy

 Other considerations to think about is Price, Convenience and overall Aesthetics.

* You can't beat the price when you compare it to shades.

* Convenience? Within an hour or two we are in and out, how nice is that?

* Aesthetics? We hear the word ‘luxurious’ lots, we would have to agree to that!

Window Treatment Picture Notes

We have many projects with better pictures to show you but we created this post to highlight the opacity level of our standard frosted films. Notice how you can see the details of the items leaning on the exterior side of the glass. This is important to understand because if this semi opaque film were any darker you wouldn't see the details like you see it here. A more opaque film would make the room darker and the details would appear more like shadows. Our white frosted films are designed to allow maximum amounts of light to enter but yet give you complete privacy day or night. 


Clear glass without Privacy Window Film
Clear glass without Privacy Window Film
Clear glass with Privacy White Frosted Film
Clear glass with Privacy White Frosted Film
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